Occasionally someone likes something I've written and I get to hear about it! Here is some feedback I have received over the years...

"It is quite superb"  Graham Lack in the May 2013 edition of the International Choral Bulletin, on A Hymn to the Virgin

"Thanks & congratulations on a superb carol that perfectly suited the incomparable style of The King's Singers" Tweet from Concerts at King's, 22nd Dec 2012, on A Hymn to the Virgin

“…alluring contemporary sounds…” Kenneth Walton, The Scotsman, 8th April 2001 on In Nomine

“…in his settings Steven Griffin writes beautiful phrase lines for the voices, matching them with clever use of both the resonance and lyrical possibilities of the clarsach…” Isobel Mieras of na Clarsairean on I Sing of a Maiden and When Christ Was Born of Mary Free

“…I stumbled upon your lovely choral music and wondered how I could get hold of your scores..” Jennifer Moss, Musical Director of Manawatu Community Choir, New Zealand on score samples found using a google search


27 Jul 2014
A review of the year at (more-or-less) the half way point This has been 6 months of clandestine musical activity to celebrate the retirement of three well loved colleagues, Roy Mack, Gareth Edwards and Mairi Leach. Roy retired this week after 42 y...
25 Jan 2014
This is maybe a little late for a "review of the year" but I think it is about time to take stock of the last year of my life as an "amateur-but-serious" composer. Two things have dominated the last year for me, musically at least: the eventual p...
2 Dec 2013
At this time of year most music teachers turn their attention to the festive season in December.  For me it is still far too early to be saying or writing the "C word".  There is far too much to do between now and then! On Tuesday I have the firs...
30 Sep 2013
I finally completed Tae Think Again  just at the end of the Summer holiday with some final revisions.  I now have two versions, one for Chamber Orchestra with double woodwind, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, timpani and strings and one for Symphony Orchestr...
18 Aug 2013
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2 Aug 2013
I've had a very productive couple of weeks.  The initial ideas I came up with for my new orchestral work (or, rather, expanded orchestral work) sort of hung together but were far too developmental for the main bulk of a piece.  It was all little "...
23 Jul 2013
The summer holiday often gives me time to write some music with few intellectual distractions such as marking essays, planning lessons and developing curriculum.  Last year I wrote several pieces including my prizewinner.  I had no real plans for ...
23 Jul 2013
After a very productive time in 2012 I have been relatively quiet in 2013 so far.  However, I've been quite pleased with what I have written, even if it is very little. I decided to buy Notion notation software early in the new year to try it out...
20 May 2013
Following my success in the Carol for Christmas Competition in December, the  International Choral Bulletin , a publication which, as the name suggests, goes right around the world to subscribers, had been in contact regarding an article about the...
31 Dec 2012
I started to keep this blog back in January 2012 for a very specific reason, ie to log my progress as I tackled my first "real" commission from someone who only knows of me through my music.  The experience has precipitated my most productive in m...


Hello, my name is Steven Griffin. I am a full time music teacher and part-time amateur composer. I compose for the children I teach and the ensembles directed by my colleagues. Scores are available from my Score Exchange page.  Some are free and some have a small price attached.  I'm usually quite flexible about price if you contact me directly by email (

The music I write is usually tonal/modal and unashamedly so.  I occasionally dabble in more experimental music making, often as a way of introducing compositional ideas to my pupils.

Please feel free to get in contact with me regarding anything I have written, anything I am working on or anything you'd like me to write!


A Hymn to the Virgin Published

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